Register to vote by February 11 so you can help choose our next State Representative

February 11 is the last day to register to vote before the special election primary on March 3. If you would like to register to vote or know someone who does, please call NUBE at 617-981-4010.

Principles of a Fair Economy in East Boston

Principles of a Fair Economy in East Boston

As East Boston residents, we want our community to have a vibrant, active, diverse, and healthy economy that allows our families to prosper and have the best quality of life possible.  However, the high cost of living, unstable and poor quality jobs, inequality, criminalization, discrimination and an environment that doesn’t promote community integration and healthy coexistence threaten the economic prosperity of our families.

Casino @ Suffolk Downs-Get the Facts!

Get the Facts on the Casino Agreement! and Open Letter to our neighbors in East Boston.  In addition, visit the following websites for more information on the Casino at Suffok Ballot Referendum process, position and full agreement. 

Casino Referendum Vote Information:

What’s The Rush? Open Letter To Our Neighbors of East Boston

Dear Neighbors:

At this moment, East Boston is encountering ten economic developments including the proposed casino in Suffolk Downs. We are concerned about the future of East Boston, because projects like the waterfront development, Central Square and Suffolk Downs will have a serious impact on the makeup of our community for generations to come.

Do You Know About the Waterfront Developments Coming to East Boston?

NUBE is organizing neighbors in East Boston, especially working families, immigrants, youth and business owners, to take maximum advantage of the benefits and to mitigate as much as possible the negative impacts of the new waterfront developments to be constructed in East Boston. These developments were evaluated and approved more than 10 years ago, when the composition of this community was very different.