April has arrived

Spring is here! As roots begin to feel the nourishment of the earth and water they begin to grow in strength. NUBE sees the power in the roots, those who seek to grow and nourish the tree of change. We know that the power of change isn’t in the politicians but in the power of the people. On April 4th civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated for challenging power with unity, love, and civil disobedience. We will honor his legacy and message on April 27th while watching some documentaries and creating a couple poster for the May 1st International Worker Day march. We will add to the warmth of the month and live the legacy of MLK by spreading abundance. We are  launching our Acts of Kindness challenge! It’s as simple as taking a walk outside to get fresh air, saying hello to your neighbor, a stranger, or a family member you haven’t seen for awhile, or helping a neighbors take out the trash. What acts can you commit to doing this month? Share with us by tagging us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.