East Boston welcomes the longer and brighter days!

Dear Neighbor,

As we enter the month of May, East Boston welcomes the longer and brighter days, a change from the hibernating months of winter. We begin with May 1st, a day that has its origins in celebrating the return of Spring, although it is now celebrated as ‘May Day’, International Workers Day. As we enter Spring we take time to reflect on what we wish to bear fruit. We begin to see the seeds we planted grow into beautiful life and appreciate the contribution of our labor.
NUBE opened the month, by supporting Movimiento CosechaFestival “Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes” on May 1st, where we planted seeds of justice, danced, painted our faces, and created our May Day march signs.

We are excited continuing to engage in our Spring to Action activities, to practice our commitment in building abundant leaders that share their “gifts” with all of East Boston and beyond. We are excited to welcome all our neighbors who wish to take action for social justice. More than ever we will strive to inspire our neighbors to get engaged, participate and lead.  Join us for our Spring Events!