Embracing our struggles so that these are never endured alone ❤

Hello! As we enter September, the sunny summer days get shorter preparing us for the Autumn months. This Summer we have witnessed, a toxic cloud hovering over the light that shines upon us all, as we continue to experience economic, political, social, and environmental instability. We send our healing thoughts to those affected by dramatic climate changes in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean; those impacted by the DACA repeal; those in prisons and detention centers; those in need of substance abuse services; and for those who struggle daily to thrive. Although, at times we feel alone and as the nights start to get longer we hold tight to our belief embrace our struggles so that these are never endured alone, reminding us that we are still in community.

This Fall, we are getting ready to build systems that centers humanity by engaging in practices that allow us to trust our neighbors and imagine a neighborhood that thrives for all. Although, we don’t have all the solutions, we know that, alone, we can’t create the changes we want to see in our world. We want to take it one day at a time and the first steps is to engage with our neighbors in diverse spaces and to talk to them! Come and join us as we promote a healthy community for present and future generations.

 In Abundance,



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