Join us in organizing for Just Cause Eviction

NUBE is canvassing for a Just Cause Eviction law.

Currently in Massachusetts, landlords can evict “no fault,” which means they do not need to provide a reason. While most landlords will provide a reason, many evictions are no-fault. A lot of big corporate landlords and flippers are using this as a way to push people out of our communities to make more profit.

A Just Cause Eviction law would put the brakes on the displacement chain reaction by protecting vulnerable renters.

  • Require landlords to provide a reason when seeking to evict a tenant, like failure to pay rent, damaging property, or breaking a lease.
  • When there is a large rent increase, the tenant would be able to ask for non-binding mediation—a chance to sit down with the owner and a third party and reach an agreement to remain in their home.
  • Find ways to support landlords who do the right thing.

Join us in organizing support for this protection for tenants and our Right to Remain in East Boston!