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Construction set for new East Boston apartment complex

Publisher:Boston Globe

Author:Casey Ross

Publication Date:December 3, 2014

Ringed by barbed wire, the decrepit factory on New Street was fallow for decades, an emblem of the untapped potential of East Boston’s waterfront.

For years, real estate companies proposed transforming the four-acre site, only to delay because of financial difficulties or broader concerns about taking the redevelopment lead in a rundown corner of the city.

City Council OKs measure limiting immigration holds

Publisher:Boston Globe

Author:Oliver Ortega

Publication Date:August 20, 2014

Boston police will no longer hold immigrants for possible deportation, unless a criminal warrant has been issued for the person’s arrest, under an ordinance unanimously passed by the City Council on Wednesday.

City ordinance limits Boston Police authority to detain undocumented immigrants for deportation


Author:Garrett Quinn

Publication Date:August 20, 2014

BOSTON — The Boston City Council approved an ordinance Wednesday that will withdraw the city from a controversial federal immigration program and block Boston Police from detaining immigrants living in the country illegally for deportation in all but extreme circumstances.

The Trust Act, which was unanimously approved by the 13 member council, blocks police from holding immigrants living in the country illegally through the federal program known as Secure Communities unless Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have a warrant for their deportation.

Many in East Boston can’t vote on casino referendum Majority of enclave’s immigrants can’t cast ballots on plan for casino

Publisher:Boston Globe

Author:Maria Sacchetti

Publication Date:October 26, 2013

Over the past two decades, immigrants have transformed East Boston from a mostly Italian-American enclave to a neighborhood that is majority Latino, with immigrants from Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

Now residents of East Boston are preparing to vote Nov. 5 on a proposed casino at Suffolk Downs that could change their neighborhood even more.

But census figures show that almost half of the adults in this immigrant enclave will not cast a ballot about the casino, the mayoral race, or anything else — because they cannot.

Survey shows opposition to East Boston casino plan, lack of public knowledge on proposed development

Author:Jeremy C. Fox

Publication Date:February 26, 2013

As East Boston braces for sweeping changes, many residents say they are short on information and concerned about potential downsides to a proposed resort casino, the authors of a community survey said.

LaMattina partners with NUBE to boost participation

Publisher: East Boston Times-Free Press

Author:John Lynds

Publication Date:March 3, 2010

Two weeks ago, Mayor Thomas Menino was in East Boston to encourage the immigrant community to take part, and pride for that matter, in this year’s census.

However, elected officials and community leaders are concerned that East Boston is falling dangerously behind the rest of Boston and the country when it comes to completing the census.