Who We Are


Neighbors United for a Better East Boston (NUBE) is an organization that develops abundant leaders who support social transformation and shifting political power. Our leaders organize and advocate for inclusive democratic processes and just public policies to create a vibrant economy and environment for all East Boston.

An Abundant Leader has an open-mind and heart, practicing our values in action, and believing that our strength comes from the community and that the “gifts” we share are the solutions to the problems we face.  


Our work is guided by the deep commitment to developing a more just, understanding, and sustainable neighborhood. We manifest this through learning, teaching, and practicing the following core values: 

  • Welcome: We welcome our neighbors to create social change that is grounded in love, a force to take action against social injustices. We encourage our neighbors to act as an inspiration to build an abundant community.  
  • Justice: We lead with our hearts to ensure that the public institutions serving East Boston honors all our neighbors, especially those most marginalized. We encourage and support our leaders to be in service of advancing social justice movements.  
  • Abundance: We model a unified community where we share our gifts and embrace our struggles so that these are never endured alone. Our culturally diverse spaces promote a healthy community for present and future generations.


We envision a community where neighbors co-exist, support, and encourage each other to create a more just, sustainable, and abundant community that allows our families to prosper and attain the highest possible quality of life.


NUBE believes that abundant leaders, who live our values and intentionally engage in social, economic, and political life, will help create alternative systems and structures that promote social transformation. Through trainings, actions, and building an abundant community, NUBE has faith that we are the change we want to see in the world.

To learn more about NUBE visit Our History and Accomplishments page. 

Our work could not be possible without community, citywide and statewide gracious partners.  We are proud to work with

Our work is supported by individuals like yourself and the following funders that have supported our work throughout the years:

   The Lenny Zakim Fund135